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About Okalani the Octopus

Discover this children's learning picture books on sea life with Okalani the Octopus.  Here young minds will grow up with Okalani while they learn important school and social lessons through the colorful imagination and images created by award-winning writer and artist, Shelly Augsbury. 

All books are made and printed in the USA.


Through the love of the sea, Okalani will take children, 6 months-2 years, through a learning adventure of how this amazing sea creature lives while learning the basics of numbers with "Okalani the Octopus Can Count to 10!" This is the first in a series of sea adventures in learning. 

"Okalani the Octopus Gets A Pet" is the third book in the series where Okalani adopts a Dogfish named Happy and learns about pet responsibility and the importance of a family unit.

Featuring 28-pages with colorful illustrations

"Help Okalni the Octopus Save the Ocean" Here children ages 7-12 will learn about climate change, global warming, endangered species, and other interesting facts about what's going on in our oceans and what they can do to help save and protect our waterways. Featuring 32-pages of easy-to-understand facts and colorful watercolor and mixed-media illustrations.

"Growing Your Family With Okalnai the Octopus" "This book covers three situations of welcoming someone new to your family.  Children  2- 9 will learn about Wanda the Whale who is about to give birth to a new baby calf and how her daughter learns to accept a new sister.  The Lobster family adopts Calvin the Crab whose parents were lost in the ocean. Let's not forget,

Hammerhead Gramps that joins the Sandbar Shark family and how they adapt and love one another.    Featuring 28- colorful pages and mixed media illustrations.

"Okalnai the Octopus Wants New Shoes" Let Okalani teach your child about money. Here kids will learn through sea life important lessons about earning, saving, banking, and donating money. Featuring 24-colorful and vibrant pages that will help a child realize that money doesn't grow on coral reefs. OUT OF STOCK

"Okalnai the Octopus Dives Deep Into Friendship"  Meet Okalani's friends that live in the deepest place on Earth, Mariana Trench. Here your child will learn important friendship skills along with meeting unusual sealife that adapts and lives in harmony. Featuring 20-colorful Okalani pages that will capture imaginations and hearts.

SOON TO BE RELEASED:  "Developing Your Imagination with Okalani the Octopus"

This is a thought-provoking working book for the adult(or teacher) and the child to explore and develop their imagination through words, stories and pictures about sealife and adventures. Great for ages 3 and up.  Now taking pre-orders.  Anticipated release in June 2023.


Oh, what tomorrow will bring


My 40,000 children love to learn how to count with Okalani the Octopus. All my little children can't get enough of Okalani's fun ideas. They always swim upstream to Okalani's den to see what new things they can learn from a smart octopus with nine brains. Now that Okalani's second book is out, my children have learned how to make new friends and the value of friendship.

Sally the Salmon, Fish & Stream 

I used to be a regular topic of conversation on the docks in Florida where people would boast about their exciting fish tales . But ever since Okalani the Octopus appeared on the scene, everyone just can't get enough of her. I am almost 50 years old, and folks say my friends are yummy, but nothing comes close to feeding a child's mind with exciting adventures.

George Grouper, Bait & Tackle Shop

As the sole proprietor of Sharkey's on the Reef, Okalani the Octopus has put a constant smile on all my patron's faces. Since Okalani the Octopus became a famous octopus,  business has never been better. All of Okalani's friends are always swimming about while feasting on my gourmet cooking.  I am trying to convince Okalani to do a cookbook but she insists that her readers are too young to cook.

Well, one can only hope. Thank you Okalani the Octopus and can't wait to read your next book to my boy, Bruce "Sharkface" Junior.

 Bruce the Bahama Sawshark

Sharkey's Restaurant, Proprietor

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